Since a long time there are facilities for training and demonstration in the USA, Australia, Southamerica and other warm countries, which concentrate on Aquaponics. But just a few people are working in colder regions like we have it here in Northern Europe.

In Austria the GNZ – GesmbH (LTD) built the first Training-facility for Aquaponics in Europe. Besides Training our Team is also busy with research and development around Aquaponics and adapting and optimizing the system for every climatic zone.


For interested people, we offer two different courses. (Minimum 3 Participants)

Introduction Course in Aquaponics Intensive Course for Commercial Aquaponics
Who? Interrested and Beginners Advanced
When? By appointment from 3 PM, and at other times by appointment
Duration approximately 90 minutes
Duration: 2 days
  • Tour through the facility
  •  Discussion of the individual system componets
  •  Functionality of the system
  •  Possible Applications of Aquaponics
  •  Questions and Answers
The exact program will come soon!
Price 35€ per person (inkl. TAX)
min. 3 attendees
950€ per attendee (incl. TAX)

Join our exclusive training course in 7123 Mönchhof in Austria!

For further instructions please use our contact form!